My name is George Johns, I’m 48, happily married for 22 yrs with 2 great kids. I live, hunt and fish in Maine. I’ve been an avid hunter for 30 years, and have hunted white tail all over and loved every minute of it. (almost haha)

Here in Maine we fish Salmon in early spring, Lake Trout, Brookies and Brown Trout later spring. Then in the summer we switch to salt water fishing when the Blue Fish and Stripers start their run up the coastline with the Tuna close behind. All the while we are fishing our minds are gearing up for the next season, you got it hunting! When, where, with who, how long, what state, lease, state land, the choices are endless.

I’ve hunted all over Maine and New Hampshire for many years with some good success, the deer tend to be large here but are sometimes few and far betweeen. The bear hunting here ranks top in the country and is really exciting with multiple options to suit everyone’s needs.

Years ago I was invited by some buddies who had been hunting in PA yearly, to join them. I shot a lot deer in PA over the years…but nothing to write home about. PA is not expensive to hunt in, the deer are small, over the past few years they have been getting bigger but less abundant.

That first trip with them was a wake up call…no longer did I think going somewhere else would be too costly, time consuming, with bot much real hunt time. I thought no way…no more…I’m not going to limit myself to hunting in my own back yard!

I hunted all around Illinois and saw some real monster bucks. A hunter can go broke securing good hunting ground and license fees there. Don’t get me wrong, the experience was awesome, but not exactly what I was looking for.

Well, then came Ohio…Ohio seems to have the best of both worlds, reasonably priced, huge bucks. I have been hunting Ohio with friends for many years and we all have seen and shot some nice bucks.For a chance at a big ohio buck call George at 1-207-210-3940 ¬†or Greg at 1-207-809-2901!! WE DONT SHUT DOWN!! FULL HUNTING ACCESS DURING ENTIRE SEASON!!!!