WE JUST HAD A CANCELLATION FROM A GROUP THAT WAS WITH US FOR FOUR YEARS. $950 dollars for 4 months of Hunting.You come and go as you please for all the seasons.2100 acres in prime big buck country.  We combined 3  leases on the same road to make up 21oo acres. Thats a lot of land to cover. Its not fields or Farmlands, its woods,cut offs and tough country.That is why the Deer get a chance to mature!! WE WILL NOT OVERCROWD OUR LEASE!!Affordable hunting for everyone. We just got back from a week of scouting and putting signs up and what a spot!! Big mature timber!!  We have a nice spot on the lease to park Campers..or I can give you #s of motels in area.This is by far the best Lease I have ever been on! I
Personally Guarantee we will take some nice bucks off this lease..Don;t miss out on the best game in town!
I have seen numerous nice bucks over the years, and have taken some Trophys. Baiting and crossbows are legal.
You have a 3 deer limit and a 17 WEEK deer season.Only 1 buck can be taken.If you shoot the first 120 class that walks by you ,you will probably be sorry.I see several of them every year.If that is a trophy to you then take it.
The one in the photo with drop tine is my biggest. It scored 172 inches. I hope to take an even bigger one off this lease this year.JOIN NOW!! MOST HUNTERS WILL NOT WANT TO GIVE THIS LEASE UP. COME HUNT ONE OF THE BEST DEALS IN SOUTHERN OHIO.VERY LITTLE HUNTING PRESSURE.THATS WHY WE KILL NICE BUCKS EVERY YEAR!!WE KEEP OUR NUMBER OF DEER HUNTERS DOWN SO OUR SUCCESS IS UP.MY GOAL IS 100% SUCCESS FOR EVERYONE! I HAVE DETAILED MAPS AND WILL HELP YOU ANY WAY I CAN.Call George for details. 1-207-210-3940! or Greg at 1-207-809-2901! Check out the buck my buddy shot in 2013 photos.Massive,He set the bar high.We will all be out there hoping to break that record.Call George to see which leases have openings.I am also taking deposits for 2017!!,I encourage you to send it in to ensure a spot because this year we filled up fast!!!

Looking forward to meeting some new friends and doing what we enjoy the most. HUNTING TROPHY WHITETAILS!!!

Contact George now! 1-207-210-3940  or Greg at 1-207-809-2901 to see which leases have openings .I am currently taking applications to hunt this awesome 2100  acre lease in pike county ,Ohio!!  $950 dollars for over 4 months of hunting!!

Please contact me if your interested, I can give you directions to view the area and I encourage you to do so.

In this area of Ohio you are allowed 1 buck and 2 does with no antler restrictions.

This lease will cost $950 per person for a yearly membership running July 1st thru June 30th. Current members must pay their deposit by Feb 1 to renew their membership as we will start filling membership first come first serve.

A $200 deposit (refundable within 30 days) Must be paid by Feb 1 and balance paid by April 1 . You have a 4 1/2 month deer hunting season including bow, cross bow, shotgun and muzzle loader..We are an older group of hunters but we have a lot of experience and a strong passion for hunting. Everyone in my group from 2011 and 2012 photos shot a buck of at least 8 points.

All the deer in our photos were bow killed last fall!!  Deer season comes in the last week of September and runs into February.I just got back from checking leases out and putting up more posted signs. My third trip this year. I couldn”t believe the deer activity.One evening one half   hour  before dark I saw 15 does,3 small bucks and 2 nice shooter bucks.Not much rain so acorns were small.Can”t wait to meet the members this year.I”m as exited as you guys are.The leases were all tracked up. This will be a very productive year.WE DONT SHUT DOWN!! FULL HUNTING ACCESS FOR ENTIRE SEASON!!!!  $950 Dollars to Hunt all the seasons,over 4 months of Hunting,.Send your deposit in today to ensure a spot!!

This will not last long,, act now!