WE JUST HAD A CANCELLATION FROM A GROUP THAT HAS BEEN WITH US FOR FOUR YEARS, so we now have openings on the lease.$950 Dollars for 4 months of Hunting on 2100 acres. Call George as this wont last long!!!We talk about the seasons all year and look forward to helping each other during the hunt in any way we can.-We have been hunting together for 25 years and become very good friends.Don”t miss out on this Guys,Its like a dream come true!! After tagging out most of us seen bigger bucks than the ones in these photos. They will be real trophys this year!! All 6 of these deer were shot last fall by our group with ‘ BOWS’!!      100% SUCCESS . I have hunted all around the country and have never seen nothing like this.We can shoot 2 does each  and 1 nice buck!!All I can say is WOW!! This is a hunters paradise BOYS.Wait until you see our deer we get this year!!  I often pass up 10 to 15 mature bucks in a two week hunt. I hunt hard and Im out there every day for 2 weeks.I will kill a nice buck and I hope everyone has the opportunity as well.This area is crazy with deer.Good luck and shoot straight ,have fun and be safe!! This is 2100  acres of Big Woods And Buck country. I,m sure the guys that join this lease will not want to give it up for years. Its that HOT!!While others overload their hunting grounds we will not.We want everyone to have success. I,ve been hunting this general area for 10 years and know it very well.I see 130 and 140 class bucks pretty regular.Every year we see a 170 or 180 class buck but it is rare.Most of them are on trail cams and are nocturnal!!They make mistakes just like we do,and when they do we score!! This area has a good buck to doe ratio. I usually see more bucks than Does! We have no antler restriction . If you have a hot doe under you , you could see 3 or 4 nice bucks in one morning.Ive seen it several times.CALL GEORGE AND YOU CAN BECOME A BUCKWHACKER!! THIS YEAR I EXPECT A RECORD YEAR.IT RAINED THE FIRST COUPLE DAYS OF SHOTGUN SEASON KEEPING NUMBERS DOWN.  We’re all a team and work together. These are last year’s photos of all 6 guys in camp with 8 point bucks or better.We didn,t even hit the rut.This is big buck country Boys!! Last year the rut hit the third week of nov. and by then we were all done.Had we hit the rut we would of scored on bigger Bucks. $950 DOLLARS FOR 17 WEEKS OF DEER HUNTING.YOU CAN BOW,CROSSBOW,MUZZLE LOAD, AND SHOTGUN HUNT.YOU CAN GO BACK FOR EVERY SEASON OR STAY RIGHT THERE.Last year we saw a lot of 130 and 140 class bucks. They should be real trophys this year.Were an older group of hunters but you can be sure we will all have deer on the game pole this year!!! Call George 1-207-210-3940!! or Greg at 1-207-809-2901!!
SEE YOU OUT THERE. Send in 200 dollar deposit by Feb 1 with balance due by April 1. Below are 2011 photos.WE DONT SHUT DOWN!!FULL HUNTING ACCESS FOR ENTIRE SEASON!!!
All  do it yourself hunt with no guides!! This is the same hunt you can have. . Call George 1-207-210-3940. or Greg at 1-207-809-2901