Rules & Guidelines

We want to make the club a fun, safe and enjoyable one with not too many rules and Regulations.

We want a club that each and all members are friends and hunting buddies rather then customers or clients.

All members are accepted/renewed on a year to year basis. The local game warden will be provided a key to our locked gates and invited to stop by at any time.

Hunters who don’t follow all of the rules will not be asked to renew the following year and are subject to being asked to leave the property immediately.

Renewing members on an individual basis annually will allow me a way to exclude those that are not considerate of others or fail to follow the few rules that we do have. Our members should all remember that hunter ethics means doing the right thing….”even when no one is looking”.

We also realize that not all members of the club will be happy with the few rules, regulations and structure that we have set up for the club, therefore, those that feel they want to bend the rules or feel they will just do as they please (against the club rules) need not apply.

Although we do encourage shooting an eight point or better on all our leases to protect the future and quality of our deer herd, we will not impose a minimum antler restriction.

We only want safe ethical hunters.

All Members will follow the Ohio’s Division of Wildlife’s hunting regulations and bag limits posted each year. (and these additional rules set forth in our Clubs Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.)

All Members must hunt legal and tag what you shoot.

No guests allowed (except for member’s children for the youth gun weekend only)


Only 2 Stands per hunter. ALL PORTABLE STANDS OR GROUND BLINDS and FEEDERS  MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE LEASE WHEN NOT HUNTING THE PROPERTY FOR MORE THEN 4 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. We want all members coming in to hunt the following week to be able to go and hunt where they want on the lease unless they see a stand that someone is currently hunting that same week with them. This will be Strictly enforced!!!We want everyone to have fun and have the same chance for a Trophy.

We will not allow a group of members to hang a bunch of stands at the beginning of the season and claim an entire area of the lease for just themselves. The entire lease will be open for all members on that particular lease equally. If you see a stand, they will be hunting the lease the same week you are there and you will most likely meet that member. Be considerate, give your fellow member plenty of room.


We will be considerate and give other members plenty of breathing room when hunting on the lease the same week with other club members. (I PERSONALLY WOULD WANT A MINIMUM OF 200 YARDS BETWEEN MYSELF AND OTHER CLUB MEMBERS, UNLESS I HAD A HUNTING BUDDY/PARTNER THAT WAS HUNTING WITH ME THAT WEEK)

We feel that a “Trophy” is all in the eyes of the beholder and that all club members should be very excited for him whether it is a small 6 point or a Boone & Crockett Class Whitetail. Some hunt for the “Trophy” and some hunt for the table fare. We all have different opinions and we want our members to respect the opinions of other members. Just send your 200 dollar deposit in by Feb 1  with balance due by April 1.  Good luck! and have a great hunt!  You can contact George at 1-207-210-3940  or Greg at 1-207-809-2901!!